Nuget package restore failed for project unable to find version

Nuget package restore failed for project unable to find version

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Unable to find a supported JDK or JRE version. The JVM Version should be either 1.3.1 or 1.4.1 and above. Check your installation and use -VBJjavavm or -javahome(vbj only) to specify the JDK or JRE location Nuget restore details ===== Task : NuGet Description : Restore, pack, or push NuGet packages, or run a NuGet command. Supports and authenticated feeds like Package Management and MyGet. Uses NuGet.exe and works with .NET Framework apps.

Windows Server 2000 または Windows XP を実行しているコンピューターで Windows ドメインのユーザーの作業、Groove のインストールを行う方法対象製品:Groove Workspace 2.5 Preview Edition, Groove Workspace 2.5 Professional Edition, Groove Workspace 2.5 Project Edition, Groove Workspace 2.5 Standard ... While the tools will fix this in the next release (by installing the right version of the Azure AD Graph client NuGet package), the fix for now is to update the NuGet package to the current version 2.0.2. To do this, just open the NuGet Package Manager and click on Updates.

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Mar 20, 2018 · In my project the nuget restore is failing during the build process. It says [restore] Unable to find version '3.1.49909.76' of package 'Code.Biz'. I checked the artifact folder the packages are there. Not sure what is causing the problem. Aug 15, 2015 · i insert raw data file here in form of .txt, tab separated data sql server table.i perform operation of c# application, stumble upon how file has more 1 million records in it.i appreciate , pointers on this. e.g. have raw data file (tab separated) named myfile.txt , create table in sql server database. file have values may have various form of datatypes, (e.g. has datetime part, integer value ...

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