Kenshi best weapons

Kenshi best weapons

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Kenshi Best Weapon. mod MorePlate. 22 caliber slide-action takedown rifle manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company from 1906-1932 with a total production of 729,305 built.Kenshi also features a rather sophisticated status screen for all characters. Strength is how well you use heavy weapons and armor without tiring out while also allowing you to carry more.

See full list on The katana and wakizashi are fast weapons, but they dont hit many npcs at once... The nodachi, naginata and polearms instead hit many npcs at once, and attack faster than heavy weapons. Reach + sppeed = best defense.

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Kenshi - Out Now! Back at the start of December 2018 Kenshi left early access, finally marked feature complete after 12 years of development. As we said on Steam, most of the time was Chris working alone before expanding to a 6 person team and later shrinking back to a 4 man squad. See full list on

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This will include Characters, Weapons, Locations, Sounds and Music from the world of Kenshi. Planned Features: Kenshi Continent Campaign Map. All Major and Minor factions from the Kenshi Universe. Kenshi Companions. Races including Humans, Hive, Shek, Skeletons and more. New Creatures. New Music and Audio. New Troop Trees. New Weapons, Armours. Kenshi Building Mod

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