How to support gifted and talented students in the classroom

How to support gifted and talented students in the classroom

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Gifted and talented students flourish in an environment that nurtures and tries to develop the talents of all children, and the unique needs of gifted students are better served in an environment that seeks to maximize the potential of all students.

"Before completing this course, I had very little knowledge of teaching gifted and talented students. I now feel my insight has been refined and I am better able to apply my teacher skill set to help these special individuals in the context of my own school."

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PROVISION FOR ABLE, GIFTED & TALENTED PUPILS “IN A NUTSHELL” Which pupils are we talking about? • pupils in your school. • up to a third of your intake. • children who may have ability within one or more areas of the curriculum but not necessarily in all. • children with a particular ability in art, music, sport or the performing ...

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How to apply. Casual relief teaching. Benefits and support. Awards and agreements. Teacher salaries. Your child can discover a world of opportunities in our Gifted and Talented Secondary Selective Entrance Programs. Your child will study with other exceptionally able students in learning...First, in many gifted and talented programs, gifted students do not get additional resources, but the same amount of resources allocated differently. Second, when gifted students are pulled-out of the regular classroom either through pull-out programs or magnet schools, other students can benefit.

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